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Moocall Calving Sensor


Description: The Moocall Sensor is designed to offer valuable assistance to Farmers during the calving season. It is not guaranteed to predict every single calving event! Reasonable levels of direct or camera supervision should be maintained during calving periods. It is recommended that farmers use their own experience and knowledge of their herd to ensure best performance. For example, if the unit is fitted to a very mature cow who delivers early or the cow does not experience the normal levels of distress or labour pains prior to calving the unit may not text an alert to the farmers mobile phone. Please only tighten the unit to the point where it is secure and will not fall off the tail, if the sensor is overly tight it will start to cause discomfort to the animal and this may lead to false text alerts. If the unit has been on a cow that has not calved for more than 3 days, please remove the unit for 3/4 hours to prevent any discomfort to the cows tail before refitting. Moocall Sensors are capable of detecting early labour distress even when this may not be visible to the farmer. Please regularly check and supervise your cow after texts have been received. Animal behaviour differs greatly from cow to cow, Moocall units are expected to predict a very high percentage of calvings (approx. 95%). Moocall Ltd will not take responsibility for calves lost due to a short notice text or no text notice being given.

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