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Baythroid 250ml Yates



Controls a wide range of insect pests of lawns, ornamentals, vegetables and outdoor areas.


  • Low toxic synthetic pyrethroid, which is effective at very low levels.
  • Ideal general contact insecticide – controls a wide range of insects.
  • Highly effective against 2 major lawn pests – African black beetle adults and grass-eating lawn grubs. Controlling adult African black beetle will prevent egg laying helping reduce curl grub infestation.
  • Safe to use on all ornamental plants to control bugs on azaleas, hibiscus and pelargoniums and natives for sawfly larvae control.
  • Very economical – the 500mL tin makes up to 165 litres of spray.

How It Works

  • Cyfluthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid, which is a fast-acting contact insecticide, with long lasting residual activity at low doses and rapid knockdown.


Active constituent: 12.5g/L Cyfluthrin. Solvent: 726g/L liquid Hydrocarbon

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