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Drum Pump 25ltr


Description: Drum Pump 25L 1 (55/63mm adapters)

The 25 pump is suitable for most 20 and 25 litre plastic containers. The
pump is supplied standard with female cap attachments C55 and C63.
Maximum depth neck to bottom: 42cm. Invented and developed in New
Zealand Eziaction, drum pumps are sold worldwide, in a great variety of
industries due to their chemical resistance, reliability, durability and
safety features. The Ezi-action Drum pumps are offered with a 24 month
warranty. A wide range of adaptors ensure these pumps can be used in any
commonly available drum or container, metal or plastic, with threaded
neck openings in the 55mm to70mm diameter range. The patented pumping
principle of Ezi-action Drumpumps eliminates wear because there are no
critical-fitting parts.

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