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NLIS White Breeder Tags Allflex (SA Only)



Allflex NLIS tags are Proven and Trusted over many years in the Australian livestock industry.

Allflex RFID cattle tags have been accredited to the highest NLIS standards since 1999, and have proven to offer unrivalled reliability, readability and retention. Allflex are the tag of choice used by almost all large pastoral companies in Australia as well as throughout the supply chain. Saleyards and abattoirs have widely recognised Allflex tags as superior in their operations. Our original round tag design has proven to provide the best for retention and reliability.

  • Available in white (Breeder) or orange (Post Breeder).
  • Made from the highest quality plastic and manufacturing processes
  • The best read distance in the market
  • Fast, easy application with three applicator styles available to suit your preference
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Breeder tags (white) can only be attached by the breeder before the animal leaves its property of birth
  • Post-Breeder tags (orange) are attached to cattle that are no longer on the breeder’s property, and are not identified with a Breeder device

    Breedplan Code for Year of Manufacture



    2011 G
    2012 H
    2013 J
    2014 K
    2015 L
    2016 M
    2017 N
    2018 P
    2019 Q
    2020 R

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