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Ball Valve 50mm x 2" Philmac




The Philmac blue handled ball valve has been servicing the Rural, Irrigation and Plumbing industries for over 20 years. Their distinctive blue easy grip handle is recognised in the market as the industry standard providing users with the confidence of a strong, reliable and robust product. This Australian made blue handled ball valve is based on a simple on/off action and is quick and easy to install allowing the user full control of water distribution. With the increasing importance of water management Philmac has expanded their range to include a purple handle recycled water ball valve.


Fast and Easy Installation

Multi-directional Flow

The blue handled valves have been designed to work in either direction to ensure easy installation and eliminate the need to look for identification marks.

BSP Inlet Threads

The Rural, Irrigation and Plumbing sectors use British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads as a standard. Philmac also uses these thread types across the valve range to ensure compatibility with other threaded fittings and make installation easy.

Easy Grip T-handle

The blue handle has been ergonomically designed to allow it to be gripped easily and avoid slippage.

Multi-position Installation

The blue handled valves can be installed in any orientation to assist with all types of installations.

Complete Security

Reliable Operation

Consistent high quality injection moulded plastic bodies and components plus Nitrile O-rings and a stainless steel screw means years of reliable operation.
• Corrosion Resistant: with a plastic body and components, nitrile O-rings and a 316 stainless steel handle screw, the components used all have a high degree
of corrosion resistance.

Positive Open-Close

The blue handle only rotates through 90° between fully open and fully closed before resting against a stop to ensure there is no guesswork required as to whether it is open or closed.

Visual Indicator

When in the closed position the blue handle sits at 90° to the body and when in the open position sits in-line with the body clearly indicating whether the valve is open or closed.


All blue handled valves comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard 4020 which means the valves are suitable for use with potable (drinking) water.

High Performance

Manufactured from advanced thermoplastic materials

Philmac blue handled ball valves are manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials which have excellent impact, UV and corrosion
resistance. The material is non-toxic and taint free.

High pressure shutoff

Blue handled ball valves are rated to a pressure of 1600 kPa (232 psi) or 16 bar (static shutoff) at 20° Celsius to meet the requirements of high pressure systems.

Complete Coverage

The range of blue handed ball valves is comprehensive and includes sizes from ½” to 2” (DN10 to DN50). In addition the whole range is available
with optional purple handles for use with recycled water.

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