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Puncture Shield Tyre Sealant 1L




Puncture Shield Anti Rust Formula Tyre Sealant is a water based tyre sealant perfect for use in tubed or tubeless tyres. Capable of preventing bicycle inner tube punctures up to 6.8mm in diameter, and tubeless tyre punctures up to 10mm (motorcycle) to 38mm (OTR). The goo formula also includes cooling particles to reduce the chance of blowouts by up to 80% and slow tyre wear.


  • Puncture Shield is an antirust formula and will not corrode tyres, tubes or rims.

  • Contains a special anti-tyre bursting chemical which can reduce the chance of blowouts by up to 80%

  • One correct dose of Puncture Shield will repair up to 50 punctures over a 6 month period and will not cause any adhesion between the tyre and rim.

  • Performs from -2 up to +90 degrees celsius and is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-volitile.

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