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Tick Tox Tick Freeze Spay 35ml



Made in Australia, Tick Tox® is a small and smart aerosol product. Used as directed, Tick Tox® will kill an embedded tick instantly. It is designed to go with you into the bush, garden or park as it can easily fit into your pocket. A must for your backpack and first aid kit.

Tick Tox® is a new Australian device that is designed to instantaneously kill ticks by snap freezing. It kills ticks on people and pets. We have designed Tick Tox® to fit with outdoor life so it is easily carried in a pocket, purse or backpack. One can of Tick Tox® will kill more than 40 ticks. And it kills leeches too!


Mask skin with the Tick Tox® bookmask. Put the nozzle close to the tick and press the button for 1 second or less.


The temperature of the spray is well below freezing.

Tick Dies

The tick is instantly frozen and dies.

Steps to using Tick Tox®

  1. Locate tick (or ticks).
  2. Remove cap of Tick Tox® and practice controlling duration of a squirt. Check here to see just how little Tick Tox® kills a big tick.
  3. Mask skin with the Tick Tox® “bookmask” and warn the tick’s victim that it may sting!
  4. Aim nozzle at the tick taking great care to not touch the tick.
  5. Spray Tick Tox® for short as possible – less than 1 second is plenty – do not over-use.
  6. Tick is now dead. Dab (or better) spray the bite site with antiseptic.
  7. WAIT for a minimum of 10 minutes or so. During this time the jaws release –NOTE : the Australian paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus has the longest jaws of all known tick. Sometimes these massive jaws take a long time to release. Be patient and NEVER squeeze the tick with blunt tweezers – even when it has been snap frozen and killed with Tick Tox.
  8. Brush dead tick away.
  9. Dab some more antiseptic on the bite site.
  10. See a doctor if any disturbing symptoms occur in next few days – for example appearance of a ring around the bite site.

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