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iO Ratshot Grainbait Quickshot RED 2KG



iO Ratshot Quickshot Grain Bait Red

iO Ratshot QuickShot Grainbait Red is powered by Brodifacoum the most powerful active ingredient on the market, coupled with Australian cracked wheat delivering you an exceptionally cost efficient rodenticide for a quick kill of both mice & rats in a single feed.

iO Ratshot QuickShot Grainbait Red is available in 2kg & 15kg packs and gives you quick and very cost effective control of both rats & mice with small amounts of bait required for a lethal dose.

This provides you with a great tool control of high population of both rats & especially mice.

For use in and around homes, feed sheds, machinery sheds and in commercial & domestic situations.

Always read the label for instructions.

Active Constituent: 0.05g/kg Brodifacoum.

  • Made in Australia from Australian wheat
  • Available in 2kg & 15kg packs
  • .02 gm to kill a Mouse
  • 1.4 gm to kill a Rat
  • Wheat is often the first preference for mice
  • Very economical
  • Great for high population control

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